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Robotaki gets "Restless" and leaks track from upcoming EP

Earlier today a mysterious new track appeared on Robotaki's Soundcloud.  Arriving without any press or social media fanfare, the "leaked" track is only on Soundcloud and truthfully needs no introduction.  With masterful synths and driving bass elements the track creates a mood with no vocals to guide the listener's thoughts.  It's pure electronic music harboring no crossover intentions – a breathtaking composition start to finish that conveys restless and hopeful anticipation, like what many of us feel at the corner of winter and spring.  It falls clearly outside the canned EDM hit formula, but tracks that create moods without words are more about the producer's skills and desire to make beautiful music than feeding the EDM hype machine.  Robotaki explains in the Soundcloud track info:

For Robotaki, it's not just the cold Montreal winters that have him feeling some type of way, he's restless to share his new EP.  So much so that he's included free download link with the stream on Soundcloud.

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