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Sir Jon Lee brings his heartfelt song "Finn: The Human" to our screens [Video]

"...I'm a student of time but I can't manage/ I'm trying to figure it out, My intentions was Illmatic but gave you reasonable doubt/ In purgatory waiting on the outcome, I'm lukewarm got me in the middle like Malcolm...". These lyrics share a glimpse into the thoughts of emcee Sir Jon Lee on his song  "Finn: The Human".  The soul searching song was released late last year and served as a solid introduction into the artist as he tries to find himself in a world where he is not fully understood by everyone else.

The Deja Gordon-directed visuals plays on the identity crisis theme of the song. Sir Jon Lee finds himself on the set of a music video, where no-one has a clear understanding of who he really is. Once he realizes this, he leaves the set to discover his enter child. It's about people putting on artists what they perceive that artist to be and the artist taking all these perceptions and throwing them in the trash. Pretty much stripping down everything to childhood innocence. "Finn: The Human" with PlvXid & B. Rob is taken from Sir Jon lee's album 'He Eats With Wolves'. You can stream it on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.

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