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Kodie Shane joins Mir Fontane for "New Friends"

Rising stars Kodie Shane and Mir Fontane just hopped on a track together, and "New Friends" does not disappoint. With a steady bassline and rich synths, the Kenif Muse production lays groundwork for the two artists to discuss how they have no use for new friendships. Mir Fontane uses his typical melodic flows to craft another masterpiece of a single, while Kodie Shane adds in high-pitched vocals with less melody yet equally hard raps. They both find time for subtle flexing while the majority of their verses examine the trust and coldness of the streets. After recently leaving 300 Entertainment, Mir Fontane comes at us with an impressive single to kickstart the next chapter of his career; press play on "New Friends" with Kodie Shane up above. 


Connect with Mir Fontane: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram | Facebook | MirFontane.com



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