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Ty Farris is sending opposition on "Dirt Naps"

Ty Farris is back in this new year with a new name and new music. The artist formerly known as 40 Flame newest effort is the Stu bangas crafted joint titled  "Dirt Naps", an all out venom filled cut that aims to decimate the composition with recless abandon. Over a drum-less, soulful soundscape he raps "...I be focus like the POTUS on his twitter app, I'm HBO you niggaz cinemax/Pen filled with liquid crack, no chipotle but I'm flipping (w)raps..." with a smooth ,alsmot laid back delivery. This is all bars, no gimmicks.

"Dirt Naps" is off Ty's upcoming EP 'No Cosign, Just Cocaine' which is a follow up to last year's 'Room 39' and 'Ramen Noodle Night'. The Detroit native who started off under the late Proof's Yoda like guidance, Farris and his long term partner in crime Famous were brought to the group Purple Gang on Proof's Iron Fist label. Post-Iron Fist era Farris has been on as steady uphill grind and he's currently preparing the release of  No Cosign, Just Cocaine 

 No Cosign, Just Cocaine Tracklist
1. Find A Way Produced By Bozack Morris
2. 6 Mile Till I Die Produced By Crabskull
3. Keep The Circle Close Produced By J Bansky
4. Dirt Naps Produced By Stu Bangas
5. Motherless Child Produced By J Bansky
6. What Do I Suppose To Rap About Produced By Deli
7. Manipulate Featuring Recognize Ali Produced By Trox
8. Bob Baffert Produced By Dirty Diggs
9. The Last Song Produced By J Bansky
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