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Trae Yates's "Homie" is a not-so-easy hip-hop story everyone needs to hear

Trae Yates paints a graphic tale of depression, mental illness, and suicide on his newest record aptly titled "Homie".

The former Ohio State poetry major merges his poetic proficiency with emotional driven vivid lyrics to engage the listener for 3 minutes of beautifully somber tunage. The story he paints dwells on his childhood friend "...Most people don't know but when I was 18 years old, I had a friend named Manny, Manny king was his family/ This nigga never really said much but he seemed to understand me and we used to whip it in his older black Toyota Camry..."  He goes on to detail many events and situations the two would get into from abusing prescription pills and engaging in life-threatening nefarious activities. These events gradually shaped both men to take different paths during their freshman year and the outcome proved to be deadly for one of them. 

"Homie" is a single off Yates's debut full-length studio project titled The Set-Up EP. The project features tracks that delve deep into a number of intimate and controversial topics. The album has a contemplative and at times brooding vibe, as listeners are taken through the mind of Yates himself.

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