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J.V. re-invents modern "Sad Songs" on heart-wrenching new single

Brazilian singer-songwriter and producer J.V. presents an emotional sonic self-portrait in his gripping new single "Sad Songs." Lush electric guitar and soft vocals envelop the listener in a poignant, personal mood. The lyrics touch on the distinct pain of relationships that expire too soon. J.V. remarks, "'Sad Songs' reflects on quick relationships that didn't survive long enough to write happy songs about." The subject matter is intimate, and that rawness is tangible in J.V.'s delivery. Of the lyrics, J.V. says, "I talk about my guilt and fear of pushing people away. The song came pretty quickly in the mid of a temper tantrum, where I was just typing out words and cliches and later re-arranged them into this song." It's a beautiful and brave snapshot of one man's creative exploration and expression of his own flaws.

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Chill Trap · Electronic · Pop


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