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Dan Wender's remix of "Hold On," a bonus track on the Snakes and Ladders EP [Exclusive Premiere]

Dan Wender is a co-founder of Rinsed— a multifaceted art and event collective. With his partner-in-crime of 7 years, Blacky II, they created the record label The Umbrella. Today is the premiere of Dan's Remix of "Hold On" through their label, which is the second track on their upcoming project Snakes & Ladders. The EP will be 4 tracks total, and it deviates from the tone of the label's last release, the Material Witness EP from Blacky II. You can read more about Rinsed and listen to the single "Morphic Resonance" here.  Instead of the harsher mysterious sounds of Blacky's EP, the remix of "Hold On" has beautiful vocals that reassure the listener with the repeating words "hold on" and "it's alright, it's okay," in a track that is uplifting but melancholic. The words feel like they're sung to comfort someone. The remix track is different than the original, but the sound of the song is still telling of the overall mood on Snakes & Ladders. It's produced by the Rinsed-founders in a way that combines bright vocal clips and simple but commanding basslines; it doesn't feel overworked. Watch a live mix of the project done by the two of them below, and you can find out about the making of the EP and purchase it here


RINSED – Snakes & Ladders EP (The Umbrella):
1. No Remorse
2. Hold On (featuring Sky White Tiger & My Midnight Heart)
3. Heartless (featuring Sky White Tiger & My Midnight Heart)
4. Let's Freak Tonight

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