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Introducing Sharky and her upbeat pop perfection on "Cause and Effect"

There's something magical about good pop music, isn't there? Regardless of your favorite genre, it's hard to deny a fun and upbeat pop track. It's like trying to wear a frown on a warm and sunny day. Sure, it's possible, but it isn't natural.

So what could possibly cause a music journalist to muse on the powers of pop music this fine morning? Glad you asked. Introducing Sharky, and her debut single "Cause and Effect."

Based in London, Sharky starts "Cause and Effect" off with a heavy dose of Pop-Funk. Within two or three seconds, there is a 100% guarantee you'll be bobbing along to the track or your money back! Well, okay, maybe not your money back, but Sharky is that groovy. Her cadence is like that of a lounge singer but in Pop form. She has a swagger that comes out on "Cause and Effect" thanks to her dynamic delivery. At any given point throughout the song, Sharky will switch up her delivery, keeping the listener's attention as she moves along.

For those of you following along from across the pond, Sharky is playing a free show (must be nice) in London, March 31st. For everyone else, peep "Cause and Effect" above or grab it on your preferred streaming platform here.

Connect with Sharky: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter





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