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Rocky Banks busts out some gnarly tricks in "Tony Hawk" video [Exclusive]

23-year-old Rocky Banks is premiering his electric video for “Tony Hawk” right here on The Milker, and there’s much more to his story than what you see on camera. Eye-catching visuals like a halfpipe engulfed in yellow smoke and Banks’ antics as an '80s fitness instructor are definite must-sees, but “Tony Hawk” is also a part of Banks’ larger project, Big Little Brother, that chronicles his journey from recovering drug addict to burgeoning rapper.

The video itself acts as an escape from Rocky’s past troubles, the Houston-born spitter clearly having a good time as he effortlessly dishes out clever one-liners and a fly paper hook that will stick with you all week. Producer Mufasa Enzor delivers a head-nodding trap beat for Rocky to curb-stomp while he slaps a dude wearing a Donald Trump mask and dances around with his Chihuahua. Overall, all of the random visuals make this joint a refreshing alternative to the run-of-the-mill hip hop music video.
Rocky, who nearly overdosed on methamphetamine during high school, has since embraced his second chance at life and he'll certainly have a lot to say on his Big Little Brother album. After peeping out "Tony Hawk," you can pre-order the project here via Apple Music/iTunes.
Connect with Rocky Banks: SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram
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