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Chuuwee & Khalisol are cooling their jets on "Tiger Woods"

We are truly in the one verse era in hip-hop right now.  As attention spans get thinner, artists are making up ways to keep the listener more engaged than ever before. The ever grinding Chuuwee is familiar with such tactics, and hasn't slowed his roll one bit since he started his Dystopia music series last year and he's back with a new entry titled "Tiger Woods". The one verse effect is used to the fullest here as Chuuwee delivers his unique, non sequitur brand of lyrics over producer Khalisol's lo-fi down-tempo soundscape. The title of the song gives away the concept of the visual helmed by director @id_ya who takes Chuuwee and his crew to a golf course and they spend the entire time doing whatever it is they do. It's not to be taken serious anyway, just plain fun from start to finish.

"Tiger Woods" serves as the first leak off Chuuwee's album in his Dystopia series. The song is a team up between him and  New Mexico rhyme-smith and producer Khalisol, who produced the entire album.

Stream/Download parts 1 and 2: - Part 001 "Paradiso" and Part 002 "Purgator". You may also want to check out his Intermission album "Sabbath" which serves as the precursor album to his upcoming 'Passover' project

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