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Full Crate, The Partysquad, Nick & Navi are back with sizzling visuals for their collaboration single "Hot"

The party continues as the alliance between Full Crate, The Partysquad, Nick & Navi return with the exotic visual for their previously released collaboration single titled "Hot". The heavy dancehall banger is brought to life with the directing prowess of Full Crate himself and Co-Directed by Selwyn de Wind. Sticking to the theme of natural beauty, the visuals set out to not only showcase the aforementioned quality but also keeps it classy from start to finish. You may expect the stereotypical raunchy vibe by just listening to the audio but if that is only what you are after you would be disappointed. There is absolutely no gratuitous butt shaking here as the girls stay in their element, vibing along to the groovy song. Like Full Crate says  "'HOT' means so much more than just the physical appearance."

Get the audio HERE



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