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Isla June goes above and beyond on "Runway"

Isla June is the dreamy new project of Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Jenna Maranga. Meandering through genre with intention, Isla June captures the essence of old and new, fusing a deep appreciation of a bygone era of rock, jazz, and soul with close-to-home, melody-driven songwriting. Isla June summarizes their style as "war on drugs but a woman and with trumpets " – a pretty vivid description if you ask us. Their latest single is a soft pop gem that kicks off with a mellow guitar riff with lead singer and songwriter Jenna Maranga's angelic vocals that glide smoothly and draws the listener into her own little world. It is both catchy and vulnerable in the same breath.

Jenna gives us more insight on the concept behind the single, with the idea behind "Runway" as one that "started as this nagging thought that I peaked in high school. I was confident, never second guessed what I did or said, even cut my hair into a mullet at one point because why not? Then I got older and became woefully self-aware (as most do). Eventually, she figured it – and herself out – lifting the "magical veil of fearlessness coming down and, nevertheless, trying to find the confidence to "do me" again.

 What began as a solo effort in 2015, Maranga has since evolved Isla June from an acoustic folk fairytale into a psychedelic landscape, featuring rotating musicians to supplement her sprawling vocal style with loose, root-rock instrumentation and pocket-driven grooves.  Get the single on Spotify and Apple Music  

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