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SG Lewis delivers a tasty bassline in new single "Aura"

London-based songwriter and producer SG Lewis delivers a funky bassline that melts your legs and drops your hips to the floor in this latest house/disco single "Aura" – the first single from his expansive a three-part album project rolling out over the coming year. No one collabs with incredible artists like Lewis does and in this latest track, he taps the soulful and versatile vocals of UK songwriter J Warner – whose 2015 R&B EP " Est.1990" was a personal favorite of mine. 

The song starts with that classic drawn-out echo sound found in many of Lewis' tracks and then we're hit that sexy, velvety smooth bassline. That's of course what hits you the hardest but for me, I really enjoyed Lewis opening up the track with a kind of free-form jazzy piano play. Then, add in a few flourishes of sexy falsettos from J Warner and this playful dance track can easily be left on repeat all day.

Get ready because this single is really just a small glimpse of the explorative sound that SG Lewis is about to release this year. To paint it simply, he's breaking his album down into three phases, each with their own intended sound and mood.  

‘Dusk, Dark, Dawn’ is the title of the new project and maps the trajectory of one night out over the course of an album, matching genres and tempos different stages of that night, beginning at sundown, both inside and outside the club.

This latest single comes from his 'Dusk' phase, intended to showcase more disco, west coast hip-hop and 80’s electro references.

“Disco has always had the association of the start of a night for me. I spent a lot a time as a resident DJ in clubs and disco was always that magnetic genre, always brought people onto the dancefloor. There’s an undeniable beauty to this part of the night. The apprehension, excitement… ‘Dusk’ is the warm-up for the heavier, darker things to come.” SG Lewis

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