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Taska Black unveils haunting electronic pop ballad "Sandpaper"

Every day I sift through tons of submissions. From future bass to conscious hip-hop to fidget house and every wacky genre in between, I'm blessed to be able to hear artists' original creations before they are released. That being said, every now and then I receive a submission that just makes my jaw drop.

Such was the case for Taska Black's intoxicating new single "Sandpaper." I'm not sure what they're putting in the water over at bitbird, but their entire roster has been changing the game as of late. One of the youngest members of the red-hot imprint, Taska Black's latest melodic masterpiece features London-based songbird Ayelle, whose gossamer voice serves as a perfect compliment to the Antwerp native's wispy production. Aching, feathery guitar chords are at the forefront here, making for a more pop-centric record instead of his typical sound, which is more in the future bass lane a-la label head San Holo. In a press release issued for the track, Ayelle shed some light on the project and its deeper meaning:

“I think relationships are tough because they force you to work on yourself and grow as a person. "Sandpaper" is a metaphor for that and how we polish a relationship in order to make things work.”

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