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Pablo Nouvelle & Andreya Triana come out beaming in breathtaking new single "Sunshine In Stereo"

Ain't nothing like some smooth, warm deep house jam to warm up the soul in the winter. Thanks to Multi-faceted DJ, producer and filmmaker Pablo Nouvelle who laced us with his single "Sunshine In Stereo". The producer comes with the classic elements from soulful pads, thick fuzzy bass lines, and catchy melodic vocal manipulations to complete the job. The breathtakingly soulful record won't be what it is without mentioning the delectable London-based songstress Andreya Triana who brings the theme of the song to life with her encapsulating performance and glowing reflective lyrics.

The 2 collaborators each gave their respective take on the song as follows

Pablo Nouvelle details the track: “I felt blessed to be working with Andreya Triana. The song pays homage to the roots of my sound and hers: soul music. Like an analogy to my musical background, the song came a long way: from its first classic soul demo shape to the more electronic tune it is now, influenced by all kinds of musicians and inspirations who all contributed to ‘Sunshine In Stereo’.”

 She says: “’Sunshine In Stereo’ is about my love of music and sitting in my room as a kid obsessively listening to artists I loved. It was like a ray of sunshine was coming out of my stereo speakers. It’s a really honest story about those childhood times, so the song is very close to my heart. I love what Pablo Nouvelle has done with the track; he added a real freshness to it and breathed life into an old demo.”

Describing his music as a mix of melancholic pop, modern soul, and dance music, Switzerland raised Pablo Nouvelle first entered the world of music producing hip-hop beats. He later abandoned his studies as an architect student to study music and art in 2006 and created his alter ego after being inspired by French architect Jean Nouvel and the Nouvelle Vauge films of the 60’s. His love for hip-hop eventually led him to discover the soul music of the 60’s and 70’s, which opened a whole world of new inspiration. When discussing the influence of soul music on his work, Pablo Nouvelle said: “It was like looking behind the curtain of hip-hop and understanding where it all came from. That changed my life.”

Connect with  PABLO NOUVELLE: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Deep House · Electro Soul


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