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SABRE proves great music is always good "Company" with her latest track

Looking for a something new in your music-loving life? Well, of course, you are! Why else would you be on the World's best music blog? **Pats self and team on the back 'til arm falls off** And it just so happens that the best blog always finds and features the best artists. Obviously.

Today, EARMILK isn't just giving you the best but also something brand new. Too good to be true, you say? No, no, dear friend. It is the truth. So sit back and enjoy some musical company, courtesy of SABRE.

On her latest track, "Company" (that was a pun, up there, in case you didn't catch it) SABRE pulls listeners into a warm, lush, speakeasy of a song with her beautiful voice and silky instrumentals.

As soon as Gianluca Gibbons' sax waltzes in, "Company" transports you to another dimension. It feels like a futuristic version of the 1940s, a modern smoke-filled room with velvet chairs, dim lighting, and fine cocktails. A classy event. But you'll find no zoot suits here, no, this is modern Soul. Instead of cocktail attire, patrons rock torn jeans and Ultra Boosts, but the music sports that same lounge-y vibe.

On "Company," SABRE brings a romanticness to the song that lives in and around every note. She muses on love, her feelings towards a certain someone and their time spent together. Even when her lyrics speak of jealousy, her voice stays confident and unshaken. It's hard to pinpoint, but she has a certain air about her that comes across in the song. She's cool, ya know?

Give "Company" a listen above and be sure to keep it locked right here on EARMILK for all your music needs.

Photo Credit: Emil Ravelo

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