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Maths Time Joy teams with Toulouse and Zaia on soulful "Count On Me" [Premiere]

UK songwriter and producer Maths Time Joy has cranked out another smooth fusion of R&B and electronic music on "Count On Me". The second single from his upcoming EP Sunset Motel, it's fresh off the back of "Only You (feat JMR)", which garnered praise from CLASH and Complex. With this latest single, Maths Time Joy recruits past collaborator Zaia as well as New York-based vocalist Toulouse for this sultry, vibey tune. "It made sense to get them both on the same track, there’s a lot of soul in both their vocals and they complement each other," said Maths Time Joy via a press release.

The tune starts as a slick, intimate tune, sparsely adorned with little but the warm hiss of vinyl static, futuristic R&B chords, and Toulouse's magnificent, reassuring vocals. The beat doesn't so much drop as it does lay down next to you and whisper in your ear, maintaining that chilled atmosphere. After an affecting chorus, Zaia hops on the midsection of the track for a Chance The Rapper-esque delivery that keeps the song fresh and adventurous. Hearing these two alternate passionate vocal takes makes for a compelling listen.

Maths Time Joy's Sunset Motel EP will be out Spring 2018 via Platoon. In the meantime, you can stream the single above.

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