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Kali Uchis gets funky on "After The Storm" featuring Bootsy Collins & Tyler, The Creator

2018 is well underway, and we've already been treated to some nice new cuts from various artists. One particular joint that caught my eye when it was announced was the new Kali Uchis track which lists recent collaborator Tyler, The Creator and one of the forefathers of Funk,Bootsy Collins, all on the same track. Anyone that has heard the phenomenal album Tyler released last year, Flower Boy, will know that when he and Kali link up on a track, it's ALWAYS so slick and a perfect fit.

This continues onto Kali's newest single "After The Storm" which see's her soothing, dream-like vocals set the tone. Lyrically, Uchis is at her best again, as she pours out her heart about seeing someone close going through something and encouraging them to keep fighting through the storm. Tyler's verse is short and to the point with clever wordplay and a slick flow that sits well across the funky, bass driven instrumental. Bootsy provides a vibrant intro, with wise words about love and the role we play in another persons life.

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