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Glide through the week with WAVES' celestial single "Still Dreamin"

As future bass continues its steady pervasion into pop music, new artists seem to be sprouting out of nowhere these days with their unique takes on both genres. Today it's Toronto-based electronic duo WAVES, who have come out of the woodwork with a beautiful original single called "Still Dreamin." Newcomer Angeline does a fantastic job with the ethereal top line, but what really caught my ear on the track were the subtle-yet-brilliant production techniques exhibited at times by its creators. For example, instead of using a cookie-cutter snare build, the guys utilize kickdrums, modulating their transposition in unique, serpentine-like fashion before the drop. They repeat the method in the song's euphoric second drop, isolating the synths and vocals chops to create tension before the first kickdrum eventually hits.

For those of you who aren't producer nerds like me, I'll shut up and let the music do the talking. You can stream the track above and get familiar with WAVES at the links below.

Connect with WAVES: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

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