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Tropic Harbour "Can't Pretend" is journey into self discovery

Tropic Harbour is the musical project created by Edmonton-based dream pop artist Mark Berg who labels the project as a 'utopian space constructed for peace of mind'; not just invented for the benefit of the listener, Berg's music also provides a haven from the wintery conditions of his home town. His latest single is titled "Can't Pretend" and follows a different path for the artist as he ventures towards the downtempo electronic pop arena. The self produced song is built on ethereal pads, dreamy arps and slow paced drums which all build the perfect ambience for the self discovery theme of the lyrics. Another thing to note is Berg's laidback vocal delivery that glides effortlessly across the chilled instrumentation making it feel like a short audio adventure for the listener.

"Can't Pretend" serves as a precursor to more music in 2018 from the Canadian act. You can catch him live on the dates below.


23 rd January – Sewing Machine Factory (Edmonton)

24 th January – Vangelis (Saskatoon)

25 th January – Big Fun Fest Showcase (Winnipeg)

17th March – Nite Owl (Calgary)

Connect with Tropic Harbour  : Soundcloud | Facebook | Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

Dreampop · Shoegaze


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