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Ari crafts a dreamy vibe soundscape on "Look At You Go"


Up and coming producer Ari has arrived with a new gem for the year. On it's latest tune titled "Look at you go"  it  builds an unorthodox soundscape that is made up of layered synth instruments, simple drum arrangements that play second fiddle to the ever progressing production style. Ari's style is more upbeat in terms of energy while the instruments stay bright all the way through. The choice of chords and key progression reflects such that the listener gets the feel of being transported into another plane filled with multi-coloured backdrops and shiny water falls. 

Ari sums up it's mission statement as one "To reveal the beauty within and around life's adventures, while escaping the ugly using the bright light of love powers the core of the musical journey. As Ari builds, we build, and the narrative grows and takes form." To be more succinct Ari has one purpose: to express something for all ears, hearts, and minds.

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