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KyE Nathaniel rides a bouncing instrumental on "Black Jason Segal"

Son of Armsted Christian, a three-time Grammy nominated jazz musician, rapper KyE Nathaniel  has been around music for as long as he can remember. He recently dropped a track to show off his unique rap style. "Black Jason Segal" sees a flow that at times is filled with witty rap punchlines and at times carries a light melody. Each bars holds a fluidity uncommon in today's hip hop, and this smoothness allows him to ride the bouncing beat with ease. According to KyE Nathaniel, the naming of the song comes from how Nathaniel identifies with Jason Segal's characters in movies and shows. He says that this is most prevalent in the song with the repetition of the phrase "introvert with extrovert tendencies." 

His voice is easy on the soft production, but never overly delicate or lacking any confidence. The Massachusetts artist has a voice and self-awareness that could aid in his growth during the rest of the year. Give "Black Jason Segal" a listen up above. 

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