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This sultry new 5 & A Dime tune will have you "Flying High"

Philly is known for its wiz-drenched cheesesteaks and agonizingly disappointing sports teams. Ask any Eagles fan when their last championship was – you'll receive nothing but secondhand embarrassment and a glare as icy as the city's miserable winters. However, the City of Brotherly Love holds home to much more than Eagles quarterback Nick Foles' flimsy noodle of a throwing arm. It is also a hub of budding electronic producers, and 5 & A Dime is leading the way.

I can't help but support fellow Philly producers. You don't know how difficult it is to make music with unwaveringly numb fingers, constantly searching for inspiration amongst frigid subzero temperatures and grayish sleet gushing from murky skies. Today, Philly native 5 & A Dime arrives on Lowly Palace with "Flying High," a sultry chill trap tune featuring the wispy vocals of Yashar Gasanov. It's a nice slice of subdued, melodic bass music, perfect for a study session or a contemplative car ride. In a press release issued for the track, 5 & A Dime explained the song's cathartic origins:

"This track means a lot to me as I was going through a very rough time in my life. I wanted to convey some level of sadness in the song lyrics but have the beat be very smooth. I didn't want this song to follow my previous "banger" energy, and I think the track really shows how I felt at the time. Overall, I'm happy to release this song and thus release what I was going through. It feels like getting something off my chest."

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