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Paul Morrell revives Baby D's classic "Let Me Be Your Fantasy"

DJ/remixer Paul Morrell takes a trip down memory lane as he brings new life to the classic dance track "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" by Baby D. For those who don't know, here's a quick history lesson: "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" was a single originally released in 1992 by British group Baby D. The single, written by group member Floyd Dyce and sung by Dorothy Fearon, was a mix of hardcore breakbeat and dance musical styles, originating at the height of the rave scene in that era. The crazy thing is it didn't hit the charts until two years later when it was re-released on Systematic (a London Records subsidiary), and it went straight to number one.

On this new version, Paul Morrell takes a lot of liberties with the groove, adding more warmth with the deep house elements and some funk in the mix. He also keeps Dorothy Fearon's refrain and chorus intact with the backing breakbeat, which will definitely trigger nostalgic memories from fans. The duo of David Newsum & Scott Forshaw known together as Somn3um (pronounced ‘Som-nee-um’) added their own touch on the track as well.

Paul Morell currently hosts the weekly Dance show on Electric FM in London. The program has seen various guests appear, and also gives Paul a platform to showcase new music and remixes.

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