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Pro Era begins 2018 with Dessy Hinds' new track "Savior"

Days after Joey Bada$$ tweeted that his Pro Era collective will be releasing a lot of new music this year, we have the first drop. On his birthday, long underrated rapper Dessy Hinds released a new track titled "Savior." Throughout the years, the Pro Era artist has showed promise on a variety of collaborations and singles, but something is noticeably different about this release. The track oozes confidence and a rawness that can only be presented by a hungry New York emcee. The hook is catchy, and the bars are rough. Dessy showed with this single track that his career has progressed and he is morphing into a lyrical titan. Each word on every verse is fired off with an aggression and hunger to prove he is back and better than ever. "Savior" is a statement to hip-hop that Dessy Hinds and his Pro Era team are prepared for the year ahead of them. Press play on "Savior" up above. 

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