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Stream Sacha Robotti's creatively diverse techno mix for Costa Rican Ocaso Festival [Exclusive]

As we approach the second installment of the Costa Rican underground house and techno oasis known as Ocaso Festival, Sacha Robotti serves up a delicately crafted and profoundly intense mix for us at EARMILK to preview. The wonderfully innovative mix explores each end of the techno spectrum, showing his true diversity of sound by intelligently telling a story through tempo. Listen below and prepare for weekend of all the melodic underground beats you can handle.

The mix begins with heaven-like harp melodies painted with beautiful synths and sonic aesthetics, the preface to the inevitably more intense sections of the mix. Soon after, Sacha builds into a more industrial but deeply melodic tech, which meanders into a thumping combination of relentless heat, filled with a combo of Drumcode's intensity, Dirtybird's booty swinging with a peak at an unreleased Bruno Furlan titled "Butterfly," and the eternally iconic "Mind Dimension" by Tiga. For those of you who dream of music that tells a story through time, a mix of intertwined genres that stay true to their overall essence of sound, well...Sacha Robotti has you covered.

The Ocaso Festival takes place in Costa Rica between January 4th-7th. For tickets and to learn more: Click Here

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