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Charlotte Lawrence releases new visuals for electro-pop single "Sleep Talking" [Video]

With nearly six million plays on it after just a few weeks after its release, Charlotte Lawrence is back with the music video for her single "Sleep Talking".

The accompanying video highlights the lyrics of "Sleep Talking" with having zero fucks or an over it attitude associated with being done with someone who did you wrong, even if they don't know it yet. The track has a very light pop catchiness to it but it's Charlotte's versatile vocal range that really takes the center stage on this track.

For me, artists like Adele, Beyonce, and Christina Aguilera can effortlessly demonstrate their limitless vocal range when the opportunity presents itself in a track. Although, still a young new artist, Charlotte provides a small preview of her vocal ability in "Sleep Talking". Within the track, we find a rich soulful voice delivered within the verse but then Charlotte really lets her voice cut loose, hitting a whole range of various vocal pitches during the chorus. This track is an early showcase of the artists' vocal abilities. There's a deep almost illusive sound to her vocals that you would typically find within darker pop styles but this track serves a preview of the limitless sound that this artist can and will create. Enjoy the video above and make sure to keep her on your radar.

Connect with Charlotte Lawrence: Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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