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DCPA releases new single "Love Me" is a love soaked mellow jam

Electronic producer Danny Hughes aka DCPA drops a new audio bomb in the form of the mellow track "Love Me". A love-laden track that is built on a dreamy, somewhat nostalgic soundscape that switches at several points but not too jarring to the ears. The vocalist, Cammie Robinson comes in and does her thing as well with her passionate lyrics and smooth performance over DCPA's retrofitted groovy backdrop.

DCPA is back in the fold after an off and on stint in music production department. He worked as an accountant for a while before his love of music pulled him back into the lab. Danny would like to inspire himself and others by showing that one does not always have to follow the beaten path. When not producing or auditing, he enjoys spending time outdoors with his yellow lab, Tipsy. Danny's dream, which lives through song and dance, is perfectly displayed in this track from his Beat Lab EP Love Me.

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Electro House · Electronica


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