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Weibeu from Seattle comes with the heat on 'tape004'

Weibeu, a Seattle based hip-hop beat maker and savant, just released the new beat tape 'tape004' and it is riddled with creativity and musical ingenuity.

Let me set the scene: it is late December, the year is on its way out, we are shuttling and scuttling through the final days of the year, it's cold out, the air is crisp and you have got to walk to the train station to get to the store because you just ran out of bread for that sandwich you had your mind set on eating and you are also out of invisible tape for present wrapping. Put on pants and a fresh shirt coupled with those new NMDs you finally copped at a reasonable price on Black Friday; now you look good and it is time to step out the house, grab your phone and put the earbuds in. Door is open it is early and the sky grey, your breath is visible and you need something just as hazy as the morning to bump on your trip; put this tape on you will not regret it.

From chopped Eminem to an edit of Bobby Caldwell's "Open Your Eyes" to numerous jazz edits a la Madlib throughout 'tape004' is rife with gems for the Hip-Hop head in you. Enjoy the holidays and the weather it only comes once a year and life is too short to not enjoy it and live vicariously through music. 

Connect with Weibeu: Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Twitter 

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