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Arewa is raising the "Standards" on her new single

Soul singer-songwriter Arewa comes through strong with her newest single entitled "Standards". Straying from the usual, she opts for a soul-hop sound that gives her that vintage edgy vibe combined with her commanding, yet angelic vocals that tie everything together.

The backdrop which is courtesy of producer Khaled “Consonance” Jean fits Arewa's conscious lyrics and sassy approach. "Standards" is a song that encourages women to know their worth. It maintains a strong message while holding a fun, sexy, humorous, and groovy tune. Lyrically you can tell she is far from the run-of-the-mill types as she carefully states her mind with lines like "...I've seen came around before, got 3 brothers that have done it all, if you ask me before you take me out , I'll know what you all about ..."

Arewa is a woman of many talents that range from acting, dancing, modeling and much more. A talented young woman who is also in touch with her West African(Nigeria) roots, her name means beautiful in the Yoruba language. Arewa aspires to inspire. She desires to empower through her art. She creates with a pungent message of women empowerment, self-love, and romance. She gives light to the term "beautiful woman" stating "We're so much more than just something to look at."

Connect with  Arewa: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

R&B · Soul


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