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TITUS releases the visuals for his feel-good single "Top Down" with Bigg Dogg

New Jersey artist TITUS recently hit one million plays on Spotify with his track "Pull Up," and is back with new visuals for his latest track. "Top Down" is an impressive showcase of his versatility and unique vocals. When the bass hits, your head is sure to be nodding and singing along to the catchy hook. The melodic tune sees TITUS ride the instrumental from nghtwalk with ease while he and Bigg Dogg reflect on the past. 

"'Top Down' represents a mood that I carry while reminiscing on both the nostalgia and bitterness I have left for the place I call home," TITUS said about the song. 

The music video catches the two East Coast artists cruising through Westwood, New Jersey and Manhattan while reminiscing on their past and the people from it. Press play on the Matty Lohmann-directed visuals above. 


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