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Doncat celebrates seasonal solitude with new single “December Lows”

San Francisco’s Doncat treats us to a timely holiday gift - a comfy, melodic, and keenly melodramatic new single, titled, “December Lows”. The instant classic features Cody Rhodes on percussion duties (Curls, Geographer, Sandys), and feels like a warm sweater on a cold morning, steam rising from a freshly brewed cup of coffee with a turntable spinning nearby.

Duncan Nielsen, Doncat’s given name, has spent the past 4 years building a devoted following behind a string a gorgeous, self-released albums as well as building a reputation as a hired gun guitarist for a slew of San Francisco bands, including Geographer. A song of his was recently featured in Jessica Biel’s show The Sinner, giving a healthy boost to his existing fanbase.


Doncat said of the new single:

“This song is inspired by seasonal depression, and an urge to hide from friends and family at a time of year that is supposed to be full of giving and cheer. Basically, leave me alone I’m smoking weed for the rest of the winter”

Fans of Feist, My Morning Jacket, and George Harrison will rejoice in the nostalgic guitar tones, introspective lyrics, and laid-back groove.

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