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Trap meets two step on Isonade's groovy take on Danny Brown's "I Will"

I'm that kinda guy that likes to creep the shadowy corners of Soundcloud to find tracks worth shining a little light on.  During my latest such excursion, I ran across the Isonade remix of the 2011 track by Danny Brown, "I Will."  The buttery smooth rap of the original spreads over chilled out trap elements in an immediately likeable way.  However, it's the second drop where you really take notice.  The two-step beat feels fresh on the heels of the trap production and cranks up the energy while staying oh so smooth.  


SoCal native Jacob Fish took on his artist name when he came across a list of mythological creatures as part of a school project. His artist moniker, "isonade,"comes from Japanese mythology and refers to an enormous shark-like sea monster said to live off the coast of Western Japan. Roughly translated to "beach stroker" in English, it reflects his own life which has been mostly spent within walking distance of the Pacific coast. Since 2016 he's attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, and he was an intern at OWSLA this past summer. In addition to his solo project, he is 1/2 of Pourri, a joint effort with his roommate that combines "their love of avant-garde, ambient techno based music."

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Chill Trap · Electronic


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