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Ohio band Blaak Mvtter debuts with "Lost Luv"

Straight out of Ohio comes the four man band called Blaak Mvtter. The multi genre fusing group just released their debut single titled "Lost Luv". The highly dynamic single is a natural blend of live instrumentation, electronic elements and a whole lot of jazz vibes.  The group  comprised of Ashton Blake (Saxophone), Nicholas Nauden (Producer aka NJN), Jeremy Wolfe (Guitar), Brandon Salewsky (Drums) aim to create a unique brand of music that caters to a wide range of listeners. It can be pretty weird mixing trap/electronic elements with guitars, and a saxophone but when it's done in the right amount it often leads to something beautiful and this here is no exception. 

‘Lost Luv’ features a guitar solo from Jeremy and a sax solo from Ashton to create a more energetic and spontaneous feeling in the minds of the listener. The dynamic drumming on the track really gives that live and energetic feeling as well. 

This is the first single off the band's upcoming self titled EP slated for a 2018.

Connect with Blaak Mvtter  : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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