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"Nobody Likes Beats" but everybody likes Dr. Dundiff

The last time we checked in with Dr. Dundiff he was cooking up some instrumental magic for fellow Louisville slugger Otis Junior, a gifted vocalist who often accompanies Dundiff's next-level beats. This time around, the otherworldly producer is moving to his own beat, so to speak, dropping a wavy new single off his upcoming beat tape, Muneybeats.

The single-strumental, "Nobody Likes Beats," is a refreshing ditty that features some springy, synth-y keys and a sprinkle of timely vocal samples. This after an appropriately placed clip from The Office that kicks off the track with some satisfying quirkiness.

While Dr. Dundiff's work on the keys alone make this track a must-peep, the other elements he mixes in make it slap even more. For instance, the delicious bass, live drums and well-timed insertions of sampled background crooning.

If "Nobody Likes Beats" has you getting down with the boogs, head on over to Dr. Dundiff's Bandcamp page to preorder Muneybeats right now. The 18-track project releases on Jakarta Records in February 2018.

Preorder Muneybeats

Connect With Dr. Dundiff: Twitter | SoundCloud | Bandcamp


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