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Peep Kofi Stone's lyrical mastery on "Daddy Don't Want This"

Another day, another dope MC from the UK. This time around, allow us to introduce you to East London born, and Birmingham raised rapper Kofi Stone. On his latest single, “Daddy Don’t Want This” Kofi links up with Kalu for the hook and Jake Milliner to power the productions and deliver a fresh track with a classic Hip Hop feel. Peep the wordplay above.

Over Milliner’s golden era style beat, Kofi spits about a relationship with a lady whose Pops just isn’t down with the cause. While the subject matter takes it back to the schoolyard, Kofi’s flow is anything but elementary. Certain people are born with a talent for delivery, while others bumble there way through a career and force words and phrases into songs. Kofi is the former. He weaves this song together with seemingly no effort; it makes you wonder if he only speaks in rhymes.

On top of his delivery, Kofi is also damn witty. At the beginning of the track he sets up the scene of the song with a sly remark to his gal, “It’s only been a year, I think I’m in a trance still. I prayed for ya lovin, so I guess it’s God’s will.” Cheeky, no? Clever lines like that, mixed in with his flow and the excellent chorus and closing verse from Kalu make this track a true gem. Hopefully, this isn’t the last we hear from Kofi Stone.

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