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RALFY returns looking "Terribly Cute" in new video

A few months ago, English bloke RALFY shared his hilarious, pop-anthem "Bad Sex" with the world. His debut was colorful, lively, and undeniably charming. Always keeping it cheeky, RALFY returns with his second indie pop hit - an audio/video package for the rock-tinged breakup ballad "Terribly Cute."

The video follows RALFY around neighborhood stores to re-create memories of his relationship. The film clips are all edited to inspire early 00's VCR fuzzy nostalgia, but include the vibrant personality of RALFY to bring us into the present day. RALFY croons, "Only in my head, only in my head, all the memories of you are, only in my head, only in my head." He plays the memories over and over like a recorded message until he asks if they think of him as well. 

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