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WalaKalala starts a fire on "Wick"

WalaKalala is the next upstart coming out of the DMV. A hotbed for talent, undiscovered and otherwise, Wala grew up an avid hip-hop fan and was initially inspired to create music after seeing his friends releasing their own music. Dedicated to pursuing music professionally, Wala opted to not go to college, and has been producing quality music ever since. Undeterred by the grind and haphazard nature of the music industry, Wala delivers the fire-starting "Wick," proving he means business.

"Wick" begins on a mean note, with Wala searching through the light amidst the dark days of struggling for his dream. The song is driven by Wala's conviction. His voice is full-bodied and his delivery is focused and plodding. "Wick" is the musical embodiment of his tenacity. Perhaps the best part of "Wick" is the innovative production choices. The funk-infused bass and jazzy drumming offset the twinkling keys and lush backing vocals. The sound is warm, menacing, and mold-breaking all at once. 

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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