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Maya Jane Coles ventures into the subconscious in latest visuals for "Darkside"

Maya Jane Coles returns with a new music video for ‘Darkside’. The third single taken from her well-received sophomore album ‘Take Flight’.  She once again teamed up with the London-based directing duo The Fashtons alongside a team of close friend artists.  

For "Darkside", Ben and Fiona (of The Fashtons)  built on the same ethereal world they made in Maya's previous video for her song "Weak". On this one, the directors made use of striking, dreamlike polyhedric shapes in which a ‘Blank Conscious Being’ tries on masks of the faces of those who live in Maya’s waking world. Among flying polyhedric shapes - created Ben and Fiona’s independent team of craftspeople - the ‘being’ observes ritualism’s in an enchanting video that matches Maya’s equally captivating music.
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