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Check out C.O.W. 牛's lavish medley video for their '$hanghai Mone¥' EP

Beijing/Berlin-based collective C.O.W. 牛 has released a gorgeous medley video using songs from their freshly released EP $hanghai Mone¥. The group is excited to be sharing this body of work and providing us with yet another wicked visual accompaniment to their music (prior wickedness here).

$hanghai Mone¥ showcases C.O.W. 牛's fearless traversal through a myriad of genres in their quest to break out of stale tropes and not be easily defined. They seamlessly incorporate elements of jazz, dance, bass, and trap just to name a few. In order to keep the focus on their art, the members of C.O.W. 牛 (producers from Munich, Berlin, and Beijing) prefer to remain anonymous - resulting in imagery that is luxuriously stylized. If they do share any pictures of themselves online, their faces are hidden by pixel art face masks. 

The video offers a plush pallet of pinks as the backdrop for its story. As the creative producers, C.O.W. 牛 cleverly used snippets of different songs from the EP to highlight each scene, more like a short film with a soundtrack than a music video. Trap influenced "Level Up" introduces us to someone who seems to be having some discomforting dreams. The aptly named "Dolphin Dreams", a track that sounds like sparkling crystals floating amid a sky of cotton candy, then takes us on a car ride to the evening's destination, where our protagonist ends up in a little bit of a Tarantino-esque stare-down. One of the best tracks on the EP, "Poolpath" appropriately takes the spotlight here. Stick around for the cheeky ending and then watch this fantastically directed video again to appreciate all of its nest eggs (such as a reference to their music video for "White", linked above). 

Connect with C.O.W. 牛: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Bass · Dance · Electronic · Experimental · Future Bass · Jazz · Trap


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