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Phem debuts her "Amazing" collab with Fat Tony [Premiere]

Photo credit: Michael Tyrone Delaney

The LA artist, formerly known as Liphemra – Phem – has dropped her newest single featuring Houston's Fat Tony, "Amazing." Phem is still high off her collaboration with G-Eazy, "Just Friends," which released back in August, but she's already back again to share her newest banger. What better artist to join in than one of the chillest names known in hip-hop today?

Phem opens the song with a few rapped bars before breaking into a dizzying flow of words that lead directly into the song's enchanting hook: "My ears are bleeding, it feels amazing / You gotta join me, swear I'm not crazy." The hook sits on top of a blaring guitar loop before introducing Fat Tony, who picks up the pace in double-time and brings his own weirdo vibes over an instrumental that steadily climbs in the background.

"Amazing" is out today via Text Me Records. Be on the lookout for more from LA's rising electronic, R&B talent, Phem.

Photo cred: Michael Tyrone Delaney

Connect with Phem: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter
Connect with Fat Tony: Facebook | Twitter



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