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Groundislava shares news of lost sequel "Groundislava 2" with two new singles

LA electronic artist Groundislava has returned to bestow his 80's-flavored synthwave creations on us yet again. However, this time there's a twist. While it's technically a new album, it's one Groundislava made back in 2011. Groundislava 2 is being marketed as a "lost sequel", and is a welcome return to those who found his self-titled debut so entrancing. It's a 13 track affair, and Groundislava says via a press release in regards to the album:

Back in 2011 I released my first record Groundislava. By the time it had actually released, however, I was already far along into creating a new record. It shared the same sounds and influences, but its tone was a bit more subdued and dreamy...I cared too much for it to just release it as some free-download compilation of old tracks, but, at the same time, never knew what the proper time for its release would be.

Now it seems we will finally get to hear what he has been holding onto this whole time. Our first glimpse into the record is via two shimmering singles, "Never Told You" and "Wait Forever". "Never Told You" chugs along with Drive-style synthesizer leads and a sinister vibe. "Wait Forever" is a much more peppy tune, with a bouncy, uptempo drum machine groove. It builds effectively to a beautiful chorus filled with intricately spun synth textures.

Groundislava 2 comes out January 26th, 2018. Pre-order it here.

Connect with Groundislava: Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud

80's · Electronic · Electronica · Synth


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