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Soothe your Monday blues with Byron Biroli's latest "Kings"

A few months ago, a London-based singer by the name of Byron Biroli introduced us to an entirely new sound which he describes as Noir Wave. That song, “So Naive,” was both gorgeous and fresh, with a sound completely it’s own. Today, Byron Biroli is back with yet another incredible piece of work, “Kings.”

Like “So Naive” before it, “Kings” boasts a refreshing sound. The song sounds mythical, or perhaps spiritual, featuring guitars and a synth that conjures up images of warm beaches and palm trees. The contents of the track focus on love, with Byron Biroli, confessing he questioned his place in his lover's heart until eventually he was crowned king.

When discussing his new sound, “Noir Wave,” Biroli mused on cultural appropriation and its importance in preserving cultures the world over. “Blues music is coveted as a black art form, but it could never have existed without Anglo-Saxon and Celtic influences. If cultural appropriation didn’t happen, culture would be dead. Likewise, Noir Wave could never exist without western and African popular musical forms. The premise of cultural appropriation is a misnomer that can’t and shouldn’t be policed…by anyone. Even if that means commodification of cultural iconography by a people who weren’t born into the culture in question. As Joey from friends would say….’It’s a moo point.' If cultural appropriation didn’t happen, culture would be dead.”

Byron Biroli is riding a completely different wave from everyone else in the greater music landscape at the moment, and it is a beautiful thing. Each release breathes with life in its own way yet feels connected to the last song. No official word yet on any full-length projects for the Noir Wave artist, but you can bet whenever that project drops, it will be incredible.

Press play on “Kings” above and be sure to keep it locked right here on EARMILK for all things Byron Biroli.

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Alternative · Neo-Soul · New Wave


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