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SLUMBERJACK, QUIX, and Josh Pan team up for dream collaboration "Vision"

Did you hear that? That was the collective gasp of every trap music fan in the world when they saw these three artists on one track.

In a dream collaboration of sorts, SLUMBERJACK, QUIX, and Josh Pan have taken their signature sounds, dunked them into a hybrid trap batter, and delivered a mammoth of a bass tune on Lowly Palace. From QUIX's screeching synths to SLUMBERJACK's ominous chord progressions to Josh Pan's distorted vocals, each burgeoning producer's distinctive sonic sorcery can be clearly delineated throughout "Vision."

Aspiring producers should take note of the groundbreaking arrangement of this track. In the second half of the song the guys utilize the same build, but right when you may think they are unloading a cookie-cutter second drop, they transition into one of the most forward-thinking bridges I've heard. It's bursting at the seams with ferocious metallic wobbles and crunchy bass patches, which are interlaced with SLUMBERJACK's meticulous arpeggio work to lethal effect. They proceed to uncage the second drop in double-time, making for a frenetic stomper that is sure to be rinsed by every A-list name on the bass music circuit.

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