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Unwind into the abyss with Monolink's new track "Sirens"

Monolink is the ultimate curator of sound. As a singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist, he has made major waves by combining a multitude of worlds into one perfectly crafted realm of music. By using intelligently alluring vocals with crisp delivery, dreamlike guitar strumming, sentimental melodic themes, uplifting electronic elements, and the constant feeling of blissfully drifting away into a narrative of sound, he engages with the listener on a deeply emotional level - a synesthesia of thoughts and sounds. Listen to the first released track "Sirens" from his new album below. 

With a new album on the way, we can rest assured knowing there is more of this special cinematic work to keep looking forward to. You can check out Monolink's tour dates HERE

Connect with Monolink: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram


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Ambient · Deep House · House


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