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Moullinex debuts "The Huggers" as the first Hypersex Chroma Sessions [Video]


The Moullinex live band debuted the first live video with visuals from filmmaker Rui Clara Gomes. This will now be the music video for the infectious disco house of “The Huggers.” This first Facebook livestream event kicks off the four-part Hypersex Chroma Live sessions. In the upcoming weeks, Moullinex will also give the same treatment to the tracks “Love, Love, Love,” “My Ladybug,” and “Painting By Numbers,” all songs off of the newest album Hypersex. After the full set of videos debuts, expect the raw green screen sessions to be posted online for some fan fun.

Look for “The Huggers” and the full Hypersex album out now on label Discotexas. The album is filled with summery, tropical-infused tracks revolving mostly around disco house, synth pop, and new wave. As a whole the album is meant to be a love letter to club culture and a belief of dancing our way to a better world. Enjoy “The Huggers” from today, and make sure to follow along for the next Hypersex Chroma Live video.

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