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BOURGEOIS Z pays homage and cranks out the animated funk on "Emily Oberg"

BOURGEOIS Z's latest song "Emily Oberg" and accompanying video is definitely something worth sharing with y'all. The Vancouver reppin' act delivers a slick brand of funky r&b type record that is nothing but pure heat. He brings the old with the new on this tune, effortlessly delivering catchy melodies using rap rhythmic cadence and then some. He gets mad points for the Get Down reference by the way.

The visuals take on a whole new life with the vintage styled aesthetic complete with text animation referencing lyrics from the song itself. Playing the lead role, BOURGEOIS Z  pulls out all the stops for a certain female who lends her sporty and rich swag to the retrofitted video. Ensure you stick around because there is a surprise at the end of the video.

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Future Funk · Future R&B · R&B · Soul-Hop


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