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Sander van Doorn and David Tort bring back the iconic "Riff"

Sander van Doorn is one of dance music's most under appreciated treasures. He's brought us glorious progressive house through the start of its popularity, its height in the 2010's and beyond. The Dutch industry veteran gave us "Love Is Darkness," "Koko" and "Eagles" amongst his many timeless tracks, and in the recent era has brought single after single to the table that stay true to his style.

SVD's latest follows a 2010's revival he inked with LVNDSCAPE earlier this year, a re up of "Need To Feel Loved."  But this time, the track is one of his own - a beloved one, "Riff" from 2007 - and has been highly teased by his contemporaries and subsequently highly anticipated for its release. In fact, we heard this one stun the room at New York City's Terminal 5 just a few weekends ago.

To bring "Riff" into the new age of dance, SVD called upon fellow progressive historian David Tort. If, like me, you yearn for the days of an underground big room scene again, you'll remember him from tracks like "One Look" and more recently, "Strangers." Together, the guys make "Riff" unforgettable in its new form. Acidic, and a reminder of the power of a good ol' build and drop, "Riff" is one for the books.

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