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duendita's "pray" is hands down the most refreshing R&B out right now

Holy cow, duendita is one talented gal. Coming from Queens, NY, this young artist isn’t even old enough to drink and yet she’s scored an award-winning indie film ‘Swim Little Fish Swim’ and released a 10-song album titled This is Not an Album which paired original music to MoMA’s Magritte exhibition in 2016. Today, she’s back to release a new single in the form of “pray.”

“pray” is the definition of perfectly executed Future R&B. in 2017 there is tons and tons of genre-blurring going around, but not everyone does it well. duendita, however, nails it with “pray.” The track starts off slow with duendita’s haunting vocals front and center. As the song progresses, duendita shifts her tone to draw attention to specific words and lines, all while keeping listeners glued to their headphones. Once she approaches the chorus, the song explodes into a beautiful, rhythmic and layered landscape, making it nearly impossible to avoid hitting that replay button.

Without a doubt, duendita is something special. If the above resume didn’t do it for you, give “pray” a listen above and try to tell me she isn’t dope. Let's all "pray" this is not the last we've heard of duendita.

Connect with duendita: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter


Future R&B


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