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Novv St. Rivver loses it on "Don't Go Crazy" [Video]

Coming out of the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, Novv St. Rivver fearlessly tackles some of the most pressing social issues of our time -- particularly those that impact the most marginalized. The menacing and broody "Don't Go Crazy" is the perfect example of how Novv uses his grainy and dragon-like cadence to capture the horrors of his past, and move beyond them. Over a looming beat and steady drum beat, Novv runs through a list of his demons and the dangerous ways he's tried to cope: mixed pills and liquor. He breaks into a grandiose hook, trying to keep together, while the emotion balloons through the track and constricts him. "Don't Go Crazy" is a battle, about a battle, which is what makes Novv St. Rivver such a gripping artist.

Of course, he has a fantastic flow. Novv's delivery is heat in the purest sense. His aggression is nicely tempered, to the point where we're appropriately anxious, waiting for him to break loose and overtake the track. Though the song and video are steeped in darkness, the act of making the track is Novv St. Rivver's push towards the light.

Of the track, Novv says: "At first I was reliving my past, and then I decided that I wanted people who didn't have it easy to have something to listen to in their darkest hour."

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